The Villamil Group (TVG) focuses on helping client's businesses create value for their audiences which ultimately builds trust with them.

Why is this important?

The world is changing quickly. Every business is now a media company whether they like it or not. How are you going to continue to be relevant with millennials as they become the decision makers of our economy? You can’t reach them through TV or the newspaper. You can't sell to them. You need to create value and build their trust in doing so. This is where TVG comes in. 

Our services build out your video & audio content in a consistent, engaging, & authentic fashion. Video is a tremendous marketing product on social media (boosting engagement by 65% on Facebook!). What’s better than one video or one podcast? (A series of them that acts as a foundation to all other social media posts and platforms online). Consistency is everything online. Authenticity and being real is everything online. You mix those, and you are now an engaging brand with a loyal following. Use TVG to get the results you want online. 

 We are agile. We act as PREDATORS (producers/directors/editors/hosts) all in one so we are flexible and dynamic and can be on location swiftly. 

We are simple. No need for the bells & whistles. Focus on your positive message. 

We are cost-effective. Since we are agile & simple, we are your business' marketing arsenal for a fraction of the traditional cost of producing one video. 

We are efficient. We don't take away from important business functions. 

We are complementary. We only add value to your existing marketing efforts. 

How do you do this:

TVG is part of your team. We aren't outside consultants and we don't just implement. We are personally invested in your success as a business and are a valued team member. We start by doing a 2 day brainstorming session to better understand your brand inside and out. Once we decide upon a strategy, we help you be consistent with your efforts. We then use metrics and check performance to tweak and better our efforts every step of the way. 

How we accomplish our mission: 

Strategists - TVG is a strategic partner and team member. We join your team and help you come up with the right digital media marketing mix to target your prospects. 

Implementers We help you create and implement a digital media series (DMS). * A DMS is a recurring video or audio "show" to help brand and market your company online. Think podcast series, YouTube Channel, or Facebook Video Series. 

Storytellers - TVG also acts as the hosts of the DMS if you so choose. We specialize in bringing out engaging and relevant stories of people by interviewing them so your brand associates closely associates with them.

Helping your business: 

Increasing leads and growing retention - TVG helps client businesses increase leads from their online efforts. Further, our DMS also boost client retention

Building upon existing business expertise - TVG supports client businesses establish their brand expertise online through engaging thought leadership.

Boosting internal development - TVG also helps brand client businesses company culture and boosts office morale.

Establishing online branding - Our services assist in keeping up with the proliferation of new media by creating foundational content. The more new platforms pop up the more your business will be ready with our services. 


For whom?

TVG specializes in assisting legacy businesses. These are businesses that have found success in traditional advertising and marketing and have a proven track record and are now ready to take the leap online and be extremely successful at it. 

By whom?

TVG was founded by Christina Bonarrigo & TJ Villamil in Jan. 2015. We founded the company with the belief and understanding that traditional legacies businesses can harness the power of new media to continue their success and growth in today’s economy.